This section contains articles published on the Internet devoted to the administration domain zone «UZ». Articles are presented in chronological order, and the list is updated as new publications.

Date The title of the article Source
12.02.2013 The number of registered domain names in the domain zone UZ moved abroad in 16000 ИА REGNUM
28.01.2013 UZ: results of 2012 info.nic.ru
18.11.2012 The U.S. has earned the external DNS-server domain. UZ 12uz.com
10.09.2012 UZ domain registrars will appear in all regions of Uzbekistan ictnews.uz
25.09.2012 The winners of the online festival of the national domain UZ aloqada.com
03.08.2012 Launches in Uzbekistan Internet festival of the national domain UZ 2012 infocom.uz
27.03.2012 In zone UZ registered 14,000 domains Газета.uz
19.03.2011 Registration domains in «UZ» on 2 years UzNet.asia
02.01.2011 UZ zone increased by 16% Газета.uz
14.12.2010 11000 domains UzNet.asia
18.11.2010 "Personal Cabinet" for domain owners UZ the Uzbek language pc.uz
14.09.2010 OpenID - automatic access to «My ccTLD.uz» СIBNEWS
02.09.2010 Whois service is running in domain zone GOV.UZ MIR IT
20.08.2010 The domain name in the zone of «UZ» for registrars is 16 000 sum infocom.uz
28.07.2010 «The second domain for free» promo pc.uz
20.07.2010 Promo from the Administration of the domain zone «UZ» «3=4» infocom.uz
27.02.2010 The number of domains reached UZ 10000 Anons.uz
25.02.2010 UZ zone overcome line of 10 thousand domains Газета.uz
21.10.2009 Promo «Доменопрогноз 2009» pc.uz
28.09.2009 Number of domains UZ exceeded 9000 Газета.uz
03.04.2009 In. «UZ» 8 000 domains info.nic.ru
17.02.2009 Antimonopoly committee dismissed the case against the administrator domain zone «UZ» on one side and issued prescriptions for the other part. Газета.uz
05.02.2009 «UZ»: Antimonopoly policy in action info.nic.ru
30.01.2009 Promo «Oriental Bazaar» from ccTLDuz pc.uz
11.01.2009 In 2008, the number of domains in the «UZ» zone increased by 32% info.nic.ru
08.08.2008 Contest best article about the domain «UZ» konkurs.uz
13.07.2008 Uzbekistan has introduced new rules for registering domain names rosbalt.ru
16.06.2008 Surrounding Neighborhood: successes and flaws info.nic.ru
14.05.2008 Auction for domain «UZ» infocom.uz
10.02.2008 In the domain of Uzbekistan has seven official registrars info.nic.ru
25.10.2007 Promo "your name in «UZ»" cvswebclient.net
12.09.2007 Number of domains in the «UZ» zone exceeded in 5000 press-uz.info
05.06.2007 Winners contest «Fresh idea» pc.uz
24.04.2007 Contest «Fresh idea» pc.uz
09.04.2007 Domain Uzbekistan 12 years of age info.nic.ru
16.03.2007 During the first quarter of 2007 domain «UZ» grew by 10% info.nic.ru
14.03.2007 Number of domains in the «UZ» zone to 4000 uza.uz
10.01.2007 Uzbekistan and Moldova have summed up the development of their domains in 2006 info.nic.ru
17.12.2006 Weekdays domain infocom.uz
01.11.2006 UZINFOCOM Center is pleased to announce the launch of the new site design www.cctld.uz pc.uz
09.09.2006 Statistics of domain «UZ» registration is publicly available now info.nic.ru
08.09.2006 Statistics domain «UZ» is open to everybody uza.uz
26.05.2006 The right domain names. Legislative basis pc.uz
26.12.2005 Prices for domain «UZ» registration almost equal pc.uz
21.12.2005 Working meeting of the domain «UZ» registrars. Domains are cheap. But little pc.uz
29.11.2005 In Uzbekistan, will be six national domain registrar instead of one pc.uz
12.09.2005 Announces contest for the recruitment of domain names registrars in the «UZ» zone pc.uz
20.05.2003 The right to manage of domain «UZ» transferred UZINFOCOM Center uza.uz
16.05.2003 IANA maintains transferred domain «UZ» for ICT development UZINFOCOM Center uza.uz