April 29 - 15 years old domain «UZ»

As you know, April 29 domain zone UZ, as actually and around UZNET, celebrates its 15th anniversary! Regarding the existence of the Internet, this is a very important date . UZ domain gradually takes its place on the Internet. There is really many challenges and interesting sites. Some have not yet received sufficient reputation among users and may therefore not so frequently visited . But there established their leaders, which means stability Uznet. Leaders, of course, vary. I am glad that there are new, but sometimes the old disappear . This is development. Normal process through which all pass.

Center is the official domain administrator UZ only since 2003. Today, happily for us , we can say that in the domain zone UZ more than 10 300 domains. And we are developing.It is WE. We do it together - create a website visit, criticize, praise. Center UZINFOCOM, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the blast zone UZ, wants to share a positive attitude with everyone and announces a series of events in which anyone can participate . Everyone can leave a personal greeting and UZNET UZ domain zone on the 15th anniversary , which will be published on the website of the Administration UZ domain zone and stay there for long. Highlights congratulations are awarded prizes - flash 4 GB . Those who have the imagination , can write an article , make a picture in a photo editor - so to speak, his vision Uznet , or even audio or video clips and get an opportunity to register a domain UZ 5 years. You can also select " Beloved registrar " by voting for him. Or to participate in the search for the longest domain zone UZ. All events will be held until April 29 , and when the results will be summarized.

All can participate!

Below, you can read more about the conditions and prizes.