Competition «Fresh idea»

Do you have an idea how to make life better and more interesting? Are you thought about how to create your site? We have you covered. Create an original project site and get a domain and hosting for three years for free!

Administration of the domain zone «UZ» Center UZINFOCOM announces competition «Fresh idea» on the 12 th anniversary of the national domain zone. The promo starts on April 29 and will run until May 29, 2007. During this time at applications will be accepted with a description of the projects.

The five winners will receive as a prize to a free domain registration in the UZ zone and free hosting on the technological platform Center UZINFOCOM for three years.

Conditions and criteria

Take part in the competition can only residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The site should be fully functional and full of content within six months from the date of the announcement of the competition.

The maximum amount of disk space allocated for one site - 100 MB. If the site is not in need of hosting, it must physically reside in Uzbekistan.

The main criteria for assessing applications are the original idea and the social significance of the project. Applications will be evaluated by a working group composed of senior staff from the Center UZINFOCOM.


Center UZINFOCOM guarantee does not disclosure of the contents of all bids. Following the competition will be announced only the names of the winners.

The names of other contestants, as well as their application with information about the proposed projects will be destroyed and removed from all information carriers.

For more information about the competition can be obtained by telephone in Tashkent: 238-42-45.