Promo «Oriental Bazaar»

To create equal opportunities for residents from all regions in Uzbekistan, Administration of the domain zone «UZ» (ccTLDuz) has announced about beginning of promo «Oriental Bazaar» to reduce cost for registration and renewal domain names in the national second-level domain «UZ».

The main purpose of this promo is development and support of national resources on the Internet, creating by favorable conditions for residents and corporate customers to all over the country, except in Tashkent for the registration and renewal domain names in the national domain «UZ».

The registrars involved in this promo individually sets cost for registration and renewal of domain name and the cost domain names to registrars from ccTLDuz for this promo is reduced by 50%.

For non-residents of Uzbekistan, the program does not apply. Re-registration domain name registered or renewaled within of this promo to another user can be only after 12 months its registration. Another conditions for the registration and use domain names remain unchanged and are governed by "Regulation about order registration and use domain names in the domain «UZ»".

More information available to conditions of participation in promo or ask questions specialists ccTLDuz to participate in promo may to the Joint forum site uForum in topic.

Promo «Oriental Bazaar» was launched 30 January 2009 and will run until to end of year.

Recall, Administration ccTLDuz have been similar promo, such as «Your Name in. UZ» and «Fresh idea» to development domain «UZ» and a national network of Internet.

Registrars participated in the promo «Oriental Bazaar»
Arsenal-D Simus BILLUR COM
825 domains registered on the promo

The number of domain names in the promo «Oriental Bazaar» by areas

The growth of registered domain names in the promo «Oriental Bazaar» by weekly
Note: Information in diagrams are presented at 31 December 2009.