The status reflects the current state of the domain name, which can view any user via the Whois service in real time.
Below shows the current status with brief descriptions:

Status Description
Register The domain is in this status since the addition of basic information and to register go to the status of "Waiting for Activation"
Pending Activation After sending the Registrar of the domain administration domain zone «UZ» for activation
Active After administration of the domain zone «UZ» activate a domain, and it begins to function
Pending renewal The domain receives this status field after 7 working days until the domain is released, that is, after the expiration of the registration period (in this status, the NS servers for the domain are disabled)
Redemption period The domain receives this status after 7 working days have expired after the end of the registration period. The domain goes to the Administration of the UZ domain, while the previous owner can return the domain within 30 calendar days.
Free Domain receives this status after the registration, and becomes a free for new registration for applicants
Deactivated The domain is in this status for the identified violations or questionable situations
Cancelled Gets the status for cancellation for violation of provisions of Provisions
Reserved Domains registered for the Center UZINFOCOM