Delegated Brand Domains Left Out of Use

There remains a tendency for companies to abandon the use of brand domains they obtained during the first phase of the ICANN new domains program. It became known that two more companies appealed to ICANN with a request to terminate the contracts and statements to refuse the use of delegated domains. The first of them is the American consulting and analytical company Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. She never started using the .DUNS domain she received.
The second case is more remarkable - and more sad. Australian insurance company iSelect has abandoned its .ISELECT domain. At the same time, Australian insurers were just trying to find use for their domain. In the domain zone, according to recent estimates, more than 90 names are registered, which is quite a lot for a domain-brand. However, most of the registered domains served only to redirect to various pages of the company's main site on the domain. Obviously, iSelect considered this use to be inappropriate, but did not find another.
Thus, the number of “failed” domains has reached 52, and almost all of them are brand domains. The Domain Incite resource draws attention to the fact that more than 10% of all domain-brands delegated since 2012 were ultimately not in demand by their owners.