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Nonprofit organization defeats Google and Amazon in fight for .KIDS

Last week, Amazon withdrew its application for managing the new common .KIDS top-level domain. Thus, the only application left for the domain was the non-profit organization DotKids Foundation. This means that the domain will be delegated to her. The situation looks pretty surprising when you consider that in addition to the DotKids Foundation, the domain was claimed by two of the richest companies in the world - already named Amazon and Google. More specifically, Google applied for the .KID domain, but ICANN found these names too similar. As a result, it was decided to combine them in a general auction and delegate the domain that the winner will choose.


But it didn’t reach the auction. Back in October last year, Google withdrew its application, and now Amazon has followed its example. The option of holding a closed private auction of bidders or paying financial compensation for refusing to apply for a domain is practically excluded in this case. The financial capabilities of Google and Amazon are simply not comparable to those of the Hong Kong-registered DotKids Foundation. It remains to be assumed that a non-profit organization has starved Internet giants. During the 5 years that the fate of the .KIDS domain was being decided, the DotKids Foundation filed complaints and reconsideration requests at least four times about ICANN’s decision to auction the domain. For this, the most incredible pretexts were invented, it came to the point that in September last year, the organization asked ICANN itself for money to participate in the auction. The request, of course, was rejected, but the tactic itself, oddly enough, brought success. Probably, at some point, Google and Amazon considered it pointless to continue the struggle, which threatened to drag on for many more months, and possibly years.


However, the Domain Incite resource, publishing this news, expresses doubts about the cloudless prospects of the .KIDS domain under the control of the DotKids Foundation. The application of the non-profit organization says that the DotKids Foundation will do its utmost to create and publish content addressed to children in the domain. At the same time, the organization promises to be guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to which a child is recognized as "every human being under the age of 18 years." But it’s easy to understand that content for 5-year-olds and 17-year-olds are, to put it mildly, two very different content. And until the DotKids Foundation clearly defines its requirements for domain name registrants in the domain zone, one cannot count on its popularity. One way or another, given the fulfillment of all necessary ICANN formalities and the conduct of technical tests, it is not necessary to expect the start of registrations in the .KIDS domain earlier than in a year.