Administration of the domain zone «UZ»


CANN66 | Annual General Meeting

In Montreal, Canada, the 66th ICANN Conference is being held, which brought together 2,500 people from 130 countries. The conference was opened by ICANN Chairwoman Sherin Shalaby.

At the conference, it was noted that something in ICANN has accomplished many tasks, in particular:

- the security of the system of unique Internet identifiers has been strengthened, a new system for managing root DNS servers (domain name system) is being developed, which stores information about which IP address corresponds to a particular domain name.

Also, ICANN Chairwoman Sherin Shalaby, it was noted that ICANN should work on 3 main tasks:

- Strengthening the multi-stakeholder model.

- ensuring the stability, security and reliability of the global network.

- maintaining its interoperability and technological unity.

ICANN meeting will last until November 7 this year