Administration of the domain zone «UZ»


The year 2019 for the .UZ domain has been fruitful and colorful

The holding of an international technical conference of top-level domains is an important milestone, which speaks of the assessment by international structures of the level of the technical potential for the development of information and communication technologies in the country.

Organizations coordinating the use of domain names and IP addresses, such as ICANN, APTLD, RIPE NCC, decided to conduct their events in Uzbekistan on an ongoing basis. The conferences held by these organizations are by no means small-town events, but attracting RIR (Regional Internet Regulator).

The list of presenters and conributors comprises representatives of AEServer (UAE), Afilias (Ireland), GransyS.RO (Czech Republic), the regulator of the telecommunications industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Coordination Center for National Domains (Russia), and a delegation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the administrator of .AF. The agenda included trainings and seminars on implementation of DNSSEC (a set of security extensions for the DNS protocol for the domain name system), as well as best practices in the implementation of marketing solutions in national domains. In addition, representatives of the .AF domain names registry took a dedicated class on the development of national domains using the national alphabets of the peoples of Afghanistan.

With the widespread development of electronic services, the number of digital frauds has also increased, and joint methods of preventing harm from them were also discussed at these conferences.

A new concept for registering domain names has been introduced - “Redemption Period”. This is the period of 30 days that are given to a domain administrator to restore domain ownership after the registration time expires. This initiative allowed us to greatly reduce the incidence of cybersquatting (interception of domain names for resale) and caused a wave of gratitude from companies that did not manage to extend the registration of domain names in time.

Domains fall into the “Redemption Period” status if their owners do not have time or forget to renew the domain names within the indicated period (one year before the expiration of the registration period), or if they are in the status “Pending renewal”. During this period, only the previous domain owner can restore his rights to the domain name through the Registrar for an additional fee. During the “Redemption Period”, the domain name is inactive, the procedure for deleting it from the domain name registry starts, but the contacts still belong to the previous owner. Also, during the “Redemption Period”, the previous domain owner, at his discretion, may change the Registrar in the prescribed manner.

Recall that the Single Integrator UZINFOCOM has been the administrator of the UZ top-level domain since 2003. 24 organizations are accredited domain registrars in the .UZ zone. At the beginning of December 2019, 73,049 domains were registered in the .UZ zone.

Also, the Single Integrator UZINFOCOM provides technical support for DNS servers throughout Uzbekistan and abroad (for faster "understanding" of names in the .UZ zone by foreign servers).

The administration of the .UZ domain wishes you prosperity, vivid emotions and development with a stable and high-quality Internet! Happy New Year!