Administration of the domain zone «UZ»


Domain name .tv: new horizons

The small Pacific state of Tuvalu in Oceania, whose population is about 11 thousand people, causes considerable interest in television companies. This is due to the right to own intellectual property. Rambler tells how the islands of Tuvalu are connected to television.
The fact is that the national domain of Tuvalu (known as the common abbreviation for television) is the cause of great interest from organizations associated with television activities. In 1998, the authorities of Tuvalu sold it to the Canadian company, but later the transaction did not take place, and the American company Corporation International bought the domain. The contract allowed the state to receive a 20% stake and a minimum income of $ 50 million, which should be paid within 12.5 years. Subsequently, the domain was in the American company Verisign Corporation, which manages the registration of sites in the, .net The signing of the contract allowed Tuvalu to receive an additional $ 10 million, and under the new agreement, annual deductions amount to $ 2.2 million, or 5% of the annual income from registration on TV. This amount is a tenth of Tuvalu's government revenue.