Global Domain Report published for 2020

Domain market Sedo and major registrar and hosting provider InterNetX published their joint Global Domain Report for the past year. The 76 pages of the document are full of information extremely useful for analysts and investors, and, of course, it is impossible to retell it all in a short note. But here are just a few aspects that may be of great interest.

The number of domain name registrations increased by 3% over the previous year. The share of national domain zones in the world domain market was 34%. However, in European countries this figure was almost twice as high and reached 68%. Germany's .DE domain remains the most popular European national domain, with about 16.72 million registered names. But judging by the number of registered domain names in ccTLDs per 100,000 inhabitants, the Netherlands is becoming the leader. There are 35,309 domains in the national .NL domain per 100,000 citizens.