UZINFOCOM - 19 years of striving for the perfection of information systems


Single Integrator for the creation and support of state information systems UZINFOCOM appeared on July 30, 2002. Created as a center for information technology support in government agencies, UZINFOCOM by 2021 has become an expert organization in the field of data storage and processing, network technologies, information security, creation and support of software systems, including mobile applications and digital identification.

As the operator of the e-government data processing center, the unified integrator provides round-the-clock operation of the Single Interactive Public Services Portal To collect, process and store such a volume of data, equipment of the highest reliability class is used, for access to which it is necessary to have certified engineers. National data processing centers (DPCs) are not only servers and data storage systems. These are structured cabling systems, precision air conditioning, power engineering, including uninterruptible power supplies, diesel generator sets and backup power supplies, data transmission and storage.

The company's portfolio includes projects from very small to huge scalable systems of the national level. All projects are important and each has its own value and exclusivity. And if the interdepartmental data exchange platform and information systems for ministries and departments are a familiar field of activity and experience has been accumulated for more than ten years, then the department of promising areas, such as identification using biometric data based on artificial intelligence, appeared in 2021.

Having studied, with the support of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, more than 60 similar systems from other countries, we created a biometric identification system MyID and conducted mass testing during the entrance exams to Presidential schools. In parallel, the system is undergoing pilot tests in several banks and is successfully conducting remote authentication of 40 thousand customers and employees.

The pandemic was a very powerful test of the company for knowledge, cohesion, readiness to work in an emergency mode and, most importantly, to achieve the assigned tasks in a short time and efficiently. While engineers were deploying infrastructure at new sites, programmers were writing software, including mobile applications, testing, placing in markets and training new users. Information sites for the Ministry of Health, an information system for registering persons in the Temporary Quarantine Center, a platform for tracking the location of patients, an information system for coordinating humanitarian aid to the population 1197, an information system for tracking the movement of individuals in quarantine through a mobile application, a video conferencing system for law enforcement agencies and medical institutions, a digital polyclinic, about twenty information systems in total. At the same time, technical development did not stop - hardware systems were updated, new capacities were added, and specialists continued to study and take certification exams.

UZINFOCOM has updated the server platform of the data center and cloud services, as well as the virtual space has become larger, faster and more reliable. The data center now has additional reserve capacity for power, air conditioning and security.

A lot of work has been done for the Ministry of Justice - several platforms for lawmaking have been created, starting with the portal for discussing regulatory legal acts, their development and approval in to the system for the development and approval of resolutions of local executive authorities eqaror. The entire cycle of lawmaking takes place in digital mode. Citizens can make their proposals through the portal of collective appeals and the portal of appeals to the President

An equally important part is the availability of open data. The portal is constantly operating for them. The data is constantly updated and their relevance affects the international development rating of the United Nations.

As one of the largest residents of IT Park Uzbekistan, the company used its benefits to modernize the enterprise and develop the team. The number of staff involved in projects has increased, as has the number of projects themselves. New directions have been opened, such as digitalization in agriculture and a laboratory for diagnostics of complex equipment. Projects of e-education, tourism are in the active phase, contracts with the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard are being executed.

Coordinating the development of the national segment of the .UZ Internet domain network, UZINFOCOM represents the country in the face of international Internet governance organizations such as ICANN, RIPE NCC, AP TLD. The company's specialists managed to achieve the reputation of the Internet as one of the cleanest domains in the world in terms of security. Cybersquatting is prohibited in Uzbekistan, domain names are transferred exclusively in the legal field, phishing and fraud are prosecuted. The number of active domains is approaching 100,000. All seven Internet root servers in Uzbekistan have recently been updated and support DNSSEC secure domain name transfer technology. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the .UZ domain zone, a postage stamp has been issued. International conferences are held annually in Uzbekistan, where participants from more than 40 countries come, including to study the local experience of Internet coordination.