International Conference on Domain Name Management under the auspices of the Single Integrator

The international conference on top-level domain name management TLDCON was opened with two days of technical trainings. The trainings are designed for the participation of technical specialists from domain name registrar companies, Internet providers and domain zone administrators. Two days include trainings on security, new Internet-based technologies, address space allocation and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

The 14th International Conference of administrators and registrars of ccTLDs of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe TLDCON 2021 was planned to be held in Tashkent, but due to restrictive measures, it is held online. Representatives of international organizations and national registries, well-known international technical experts, heads of registries of top-level domains and registrar companies gathered on one virtual platform. The online format will provide an opportunity to significantly expand the circle of listeners and attract new participants to the discussion of the development of the international domain industry.

The coordination center of the national domain of Russia .RU / .РФ of the Internet network has been holding international conferences of administrators and registrars of the CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe since 2008. The main goal of the conferences is to involve leading registrars of various ccTLDs in the discussion of Internet-related issues and to organize interaction between registries and registrars of ccTLDs from different countries.

The conference will run for 2 days - September 15 and 16. The program includes 6 interesting sections, where experts will talk about news and trends in the domain industry, share their experience in marketing and promotion of domains, introduce approaches to protecting trademarks and resolving domain disputes, discuss approaches to Internet regulation and present new technological developments.

You can view the schedule of sections and the list of speakers on the conference website.

On the first day, the director of the Coordination Center for .RU / .РФ domains Andrei Vorobyov, First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan Oleg Pekos and Marketing Director of UZINFOCOM Murad Ibragimov made speeches at the official ceremony; a plenary session was held in a tour format. de-table. Representatives of international organizations and national registries, well-known Russian and foreign technical experts, heads of registries of top-level domains and registrar companies spoke at it, briefly spoke about the events that took place during the year, and about the most pressing and pressing issues, interesting audience.

The program of the first day of the conference included the sections "Marketing in the Domain Industry" and "Secondary Domains Market".

On September 16, it will open with the section "Internet trust and DNS abuse". Further in the program is the section "International and national trends in Internet regulation", and the technical section "New technologies for the domain industry" will conclude the conference.

The conference will be broadcast on the Zoom platform, on the main page of the TLDCON 2021 website and on the YouTube channel of the Coordination Center.