72nd ICANN Meeting

The 72nd ICANN meeting has come to an end

The 72nd ICANN Meeting was held online on October 25-28. This is the sixth ICANN meeting to be held exclusively online, and this greatly influenced the format of the event, as well as the number of participants, which has grown significantly during this time.

The reason for this was that in many countries there are still restrictions associated with the pandemic, so many cannot attend the event offline.

ICANN experts presented several interesting projects at once.

The RDAP Conformance Tool allows you to validate an actual RDAP server implementation against RFC standards.

It allows you to identify various errors in the RDAP server configuration, missing required elements, syntax errors, etc.

The DNS Core Census Project is a software platform for collecting publicly available DNS data from a variety of sources.

The DNS Core Census toolkit simplifies access to information and can be used by analysts in automated scripts and programs. ICANN staff also noted the general trend towards more robust cryptographic algorithms in DNSSEC and shared the best practices for their application.

ICANN plans to hold its next meeting in San Juan next March on a hybrid model, i.e. with the possibility of both face-to-face and remote participation.