.UZ domain administration wishes everyone a Happy New Year and shares the results of the year

We present to your attention a quick overview for 2021.

Looking back at the outgoing 2021, we can say that it was productive for our national domain .UZ.

It is gratifying to note a good growth rate this year: approximately 13%, which is about 11,000 domain names.

Note that the year 2021 was especially important for the .UZ domain. On April 29, it was announced the introduction of DNSSEC technology, a technology for secure domain names for the .UZ domain zone, the signature of the root servers of the.UZ zone was organized. And on November 29 it was announced that this DNSSEC technology (service) is also available to end users, where anyone can purchase this service through registrars in the .UZ zone.

Another event was the 14th International Conference of Administrators and Registrars of National Top Level Domains of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe TLDCON 2021 under the auspices of the Unified Integrator UZINFOCOM. This conference was held in a hybrid format, which brought together over 200 participants.

Taking this opportunity, .UZ Domain Administration wishes everyone a Happy New Year. May there be much more records next year than in the previous year!

For reference.

Within the framework of an agreement with the international organization ICANN, since March 27, 2003, United Integrator UZINFOCOM LLC is the administrator of the top-level domain of the Republic of Uzbekistan .UZ (

The administration of the .UZ domain zone is taking measures to decentralize and improve the quality of services for registration and support of domain names, and also carries out large-scale work to stimulate the creation and development of information resources in the national segment of the Internet.
Registration, administration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain is governed by the “Regulations on the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain”, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 1830. This document establishes the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain, as well as regulates the relationship of persons whose activities directly affect domain names in the .UZ domain, provides reliable protection against illegal actions and effective regulation of the .UZ domain.

The main direction of the Administration of the .UZ domain zone is technical support of DNS servers of the .UZ domain zone located at different points on the networks of providers, including abroad for a high-quality resolution for domain names of the UZ zone, maintaining services for convenient control over the term of registration of domain names , creating a competitive environment in the market and improving the quality of services provided for registration of domain names, as well as interaction with international organizations such as ICANN, IANA, APTLD, RIPE NCC and others on the issues of policies and activities of domain names in the global community.