Specialists of the UZINFOCOM Single Integrator presented the DNSSEC.UZ project at the APTLD International Conference.

On February 23 and 24, the 81st conference of members of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Specialists of the Unified Integrator UZINFOCOM took an active part in the conference, and also presented the DNSSEC.UZ project, which was highly appreciated by the International community.

The introduction of DNSSEC in the .UZ domain zone is a serious and confident step towards digital development and ensuring the stable, secure operation of the top-level domain. Web services using DNSSEC technology will qualitatively increase the security of transactions on the network.

UZINFOCOM, as a domain zone administrator, carefully studies new technologies and trends, conducts a series of pilot tests, certifies, if necessary, technical staff, and only then proceeds to implementation.