Birthday of domain .UZ and Lauch of the new application

Today information technologies are actively entering our lives, becoming an important tool at/while work, study, leisure. A person's morning now begins not with reading a newspaper, but with checking e-mails or scrolling through social media.

If we recall, recently we didn’t have a constant access to the Internet.

On April 29 , 1995 , in the world appeared a top - level domain .UZ. This date is considered the date of birth of our national segment of the World Wide Web – Uznet.

In march 2003 , the administrator of the national domain .UZ became the Unified Integrator of UZINFOCOM. The right to regulate the national domain was granted in an agreement with Internet Corporation ICANN. Domain registration services in the zone .UZ is provided by 26 organizations. This year, the domain zone .UZ turns 27 years old.

Today, the Uzbek part of the Internet has significantly increased, both in terms of the amount of presented resources and their quality. Modern web developments allow us to create Internet resources that are no different from international standards and of course, give us opportunity to communicate actively with the rest of the world. Uznet today is the sphere of business, trade, education, communication, services and entertainment.

In honor of the 27th anniversary of the domain .UZ, UZINFOCOM gives its users a convenient mobile application , through which you can control all valuable data of your domain.

You will be given:

• Domain expiration control;

• Check a domain name for using DNSSEC technology;

• Get basic information about the domain name through the special service "whois" in App;

• DIG utility (domain information groper) – It’s a DNS client that provides you access to the DNS system by a command-line interface;

• PING - a utility to check the integrity and quality of connections (based on TCP / IP);

• IDN converter - it converts an internationalized domain name from one to another format

• HTTP Headers check tool

• Finding an IP address of a website by a domain name

• Expiration date of your domain name

And more other useful tools!

Now available in Google Play Market and App Store!

The .UZ domain has become even closer!