UZINFOCOM Participates in the 77th ICANN Policy Forum

UZINFOCOM is actively involved in the 77th ICANN Policy Forum, an important international event organized by ICANN. For the first time since the pandemic, our company is participating in person in a major international ICANN domain event. The forum is being held from June 12th to June 15th in Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss ICANN policy and its global impact on the Internet. This annual event brings together participants from all over the world to discuss actual issues of domain names and suggestions for the development and improvement of ICANN's policies and activities. 

As part of the ICANN Forum, a discussion of a number of important issues is planned. Among them is the discussion of potential changes in the domain name distribution policy, issues related to the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, and domain name security. In addition, the use of DNSSEC technology, aspects of domain name registration and management, including issues of applying the latest technologies and methods of working with them, will be concerned. Special attention will be paid to the multistakeholder model of governance in the context of the global Internet ecosystem, as well as other current issues. 

Let's recall that ICANN, the "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers", is an international non-profit organization founded on September 18, 1998, with the participation of the US government to regulate issues related to domain names, IP addresses, and other aspects of the functioning of the Internet. 

In accordance with the signed agreement between the international non-profit organization ICANN, LLC "The Single Integrator UZINFOCOM" is the Administrator of the top-level domain of the Republic of Uzbekistan .UZ, establishes uniform rules and interaction procedures for all Registrars, as well as determines the main directions of development of the "UZ" domain.