The .UZ domain administration and Godaddy discussed cooperation prospects at the APTLD84 event in South Korea

During the international APTLD84 event held in South Korea, the .UZ domain administration and one of the largest domain names registrar, GoDaddy, discussed potential cooperation.

The current partnership between the two parties is seen as an opportunity for the Uzbek national domain .UZ to expand its presence in the international market. Collaborating with GoDaddy will not only increase the sales of domains with the national .UZ extension but also attract new investors and developers to the Uzbek market.

During the discussions, both parties expressed interest in creating a joint project that could promote the broader dissemination of domain names ending in .UZ globally. Given its reputation as a reliable domain registrar with many years of experience, GoDaddy's platform can be an ideal venue for realizing this intent.

It's worth noting that GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars in the world, offering a wide range of services, including hosting, website creation, marketing, and more. For its part, the platform also shows interest in the collaboration, seeing it as an opportunity to expand its domain name portfolio.

In conclusion, the meeting between representatives of the .UZ domain and GoDaddy at the APTLD84 event in South Korea served as a platform to discuss a wide range of issues related to potential joint projects in the future. This dialogue emphasized the importance of national domain space in the international arena.