APTLD84 Conference: Summarizing Results and Looking at the Future of Internet Space

The landmark APTLD84 conference came to a close today, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD). The magnificent event, hosted by the KISA internet security agency, gathered leading domain industry experts from around the world in Seoul, South Korea.

During the conference, Kadirov Azizbek, the chief specialist at the Single Integrator UZINFOCOM, shared his experiences working with the .UZ domain, highlighting the dynamic development and successes of Uzbekistan in this sphere. The head of the .UZ domain administration, Gimranov Askhat, introduced an innovative concept of using NFT certificates for domain names based on Blockchain technology, opening up new horizons for the further innovative development of the domain industry. This technology represents a promising direction, creating a secure and transparent domain name registration system.

A roundtable discussion at the level of domain zone leaders discussed strategic development directions and potential opportunities for collaboration. Among the participants were representatives of national registries, including leading agencies such as CNNIC (.cn, China), AUDA (.au, Australia), NIXI (.in, India), VNNIC (.vn, Vietnam), DENIC eG (.de, Germany), and others.

Also, there were presentations of the successes and achievements of national registries from various countries, including the Republic of Uzbekistan, which joined the APTLD association in 2019. Since then, Uzbekistan has significantly enriched the collective experience of the association and made a significant contribution to the field of domain name management.

Overall, the APTLD84 conference served as a platform for knowledge and experience exchange among industry professionals. Participants highly appreciated the opportunity to discuss current issues and tasks facing the domain industry, as well as to become familiar with new technological solutions.

APTLD once again affirmed its role as an important coordination center, striving to create a foundation for a more stable and secure internet space. Throughout twenty-five years of successful work, the association continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, providing a platform for discussing key aspects and trends in the development of internet space.

Summing up the event, it can be confidently stated that the anniversary conference became a meeting point of innovation and professionalism, opening new horizons for the improvement of the domain industry.