The domain administration of .UZ held productive negotiations with the Billur COM company

The domain administration of .UZ held productive discussions with the company LLC GSEY GROUP (trade mark Billur COM) regarding the future of the .UZ domain. The primary focus of the meeting was on exploring new technologies, specifically on integrating with NFT (non-fungible token) technology in the context of domain names. They also discussed the progress and plans for implementing DNSSEC.UZ - a domain name security system that provides protection from fraudulent attacks and enhances trust in domains.

One significant topic of conversation involved the REDEMPTION PERIOD - the recovery period for a domain name after its deletion or overdue payment. The introduction of such a mechanism greatly increased the protection of domain owners' rights and reduced the risk of losing a valuable domain name.

Additionally, an intriguing concept of organizing an auction for deleted domains was presented, which could become a new business direction in this sector.

Billur COM company, in turn, emphasized its readiness for active cooperation and promised to introduce a series of innovations for domain name owners and their clients in the near future, undoubtedly promoting further development and innovations in this industry.

Similar meetings between the two companies, the Registrar and the Administration of the .UZ domain, undoubtedly contribute to further development and innovations in this sector.