The .UZ domain administration presented innovative projects at ICT WEEK 2023

Last week, ICT WEEK 2023, which took place in the city of Tashkent at the CAEx building, the .UZ domain administration introduced a number of innovative projects, demonstrating progress in the field of digital technologies in Uzbekistan.

As part of the expo, the MVP model of the new version of the national search engine was presented. The updated search engine promises more accurate and faster results, in line with the characteristics of the Uzbek digital space.

Also, one of the main novelties was the launch of NFT certificates for domain names. This project provides the opportunity to confirm the right to use a domain name and the uniqueness of internet addresses.

Special attention was given to the development of a blockchain platform for businesses and government institutions named This project is aimed at enhancing data transparency and security, as well as improving the management of various assets.

Representatives of both major domestic and foreign enterprises were present at the expo, emphasizing the importance of the event for international cooperation in the field of information technology.

These projects open up new opportunities for the development of the digital economy in Uzbekistan and contribute to the country's integration into the global digital community.