Conference Results - The .UZ domain administration celebrates its 29th anniversary with new projects

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to mark the 29th anniversary of the launch of the .UZ domain zone in 1995, UZINFOCOM LLC organized a formal event. The event was attended by representatives from government bodies, IT companies, Internet providers, and domain registrars in the .UZ zone.

During the event, new services and projects implemented by the .UZ domain administration were presented.

One of the key events was the signing of a memorandum of mutual cooperation between UZINFOCOM LLC and the Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange.

Under this document, an electronic online auction will be held to increase the starting price for freed domain names with a popular combination of letters and numbers in the .UZ domain zone.

Part of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. This allows bidders to not only purchase the domain names they want, but also contribute to social causes.

All information about the domain name auction sales will be stored in an immutable data registry – the blockchain platform This guarantees that the information will not change, and the auction process will be transparent and reliable.

The event also showcased the updated registration system for domains in the .UZ zone/API ver.3.0. The new API version provides extended capabilities for registrars, simplifying and automating many processes. In addition, new capabilities for registrars and an upgrade in DNSSEC Automation were introduced. These updates are aimed at enhancing the security and reliability of domains in the .UZ zone.

The event also summarized the year's achievements in the NFT-certificate project based on blockchain. This project allows the verification of domain ownership through unique NFT certificates. Updates from partner registrars were also presented, as well as the RDAP protocol – a new protocol for transmitting information for domain names. Registrars shared their plans for development and improvement of services for domain owners.

Special attention was given to the topic of biometric identification of users. Representatives of the MyID project discussed innovations in remote user identification, which simplifies and secures the domain registration process.

The event was enriching and interesting. The .UZ domain administration demonstrated its efforts in improving the operation and security of the Internet in Uzbekistan.

It is worth noting that the .UZ domain is a popular domain in Central Asia. Over its 29 years of existence, it has become an integral part of Uzbek Internet and a symbol of the country's digital development.

This event was an important step in strengthening Uzbekistan's position in the digital arena and highlights the role of the .UZ domain administration in promoting innovative solutions in information technology.

The .UZ domain administration expresses gratitude to all participants for their interest in its work and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation.