The .UZ domain administration has joined the APTLD DNS Next Generation Working Group for Next-Generation Internet Research

What does this mean, and what is APTLD DNS-NG WG?

The DNS-NG WG is a key mechanism within APTLD that allows association members to develop policies, analyze activities, and address current issues. This is particularly important for studying new next-generation internet technologies and exploring their application in the Asia-Pacific region, which helps improve and coordinate the domain name system operation.

This is another proof of Uzbekistan's growing role in the global internet agenda, in creating and developing an open and secure internet. This will create opportunities for our country to share its experience and knowledge with other APTLD members and play a more active role in the policy development of the Asia-Pacific domain association.

Participation in the working group is voluntary, and all group members contribute to APTLD's work, helping it adhere to its chosen course for the benefit of its diverse community.

This event is of great significance for Uzbekistan as it:

  • Confirms the growing role of Uzbekistan in the global internet agenda and in developing an open, secure, and inclusive internet;

  • Creates opportunities for Uzbekistan to share its experience and knowledge with other APTLD members.

  • Allows Uzbekistan to play a more active role in APTLD policy development.

Membership in the DNS-NG working group will enable the .UZ domain administration to:

  • Stay informed about the latest events in internet governance.

  • Collaborate with other APTLD members on matters of common interest.

  • Contribute to the development of APTLD policy.

  • Represent Uzbekistan's interests in APTLD.

The .UZ domain administration is confident that their participation will be fruitful and will allow them to contribute to the development of the internet in Uzbekistan and globally.