Promo «Recognize the flavor domain UZ»

Administration of the domain zone «UZ» 03.09.2009 year launched a new promo called «Recognize the flavor domain UZ». 10 winners will receive a free hosting and domain registration renewal for a further 1 year for free!

The promo carried out among all the administrators (owners) domain names (physicals and legal persons, residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan), who registered the domain name during the promo. In this promo did't participate administrators of domain names, whos extend their domain names for next year.

On the main page of the website published counter new domain names as they become available filings. That is, each new registered domain name is assigned a serial number, which will determine the winner - every ten (10). On the next working day after the winner is determined, the Administration of the domain zone «UZ» will communicate with them on those contact details in service Whois (phone, e-mail), to announce the winner.

A requirement for administrators (owners) of domain names is give a reliable contact details to registrars to fill out the application to purchase the domain name. If not possible within 3 working days after the determination of the next winner, the contact listed in the Whois service contracts, the prize goes to the next person for list (for next person at number 11, 21, etc.).

Total number of winners: 10


1. each (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) – deadline for registration of the domain increases by 1 year without pay and the probability of losing the domain name;

2. each (60, 70, 80, 90, 100) – hosting of 50 MB for 1 year.

Список победителей в акции «UZнай вкус домена»
Owner (administrator) of the domain name Domain Date of registration
1. Sattarov Alibek Samatovich 03.09.2009
2. Khan N.V. 03.09.2009
3. Salamov Bekzat Bakhodirovich 03.09.2009
4. Sattarov Alibek Samatovich 03.09.2009
5. Sattarov Alibek Samatovich 03.09.2009
6. N******* A**** 03.09.2009
7. Haydarov R. R. 26.08.2009
8. Azarov A A 04.09.2009
9. Galanos Ya. 04.09.2009
10. Atlanov А.А. 07.09.2009