Promo «Domainprognosis 2009» or «Tangent domain UZ»

The promo is carried out among all the users registered on uForum.uz until October 15, 2009. Each user is given the opportunity to predict the number of active domain names at the end of 2009, ie on January 1, 2010 00:00 pm. Detailed statistics available in the STATISTICS section.

Each user can do 2 prediction (predictions can be made at different times). Subsequent prediction machine removes the oldest active bet that at stake be only 2 bets.

Accepted only for exact integers - intervals "from and to" is not to accepted.

To determine the winner plays role of 2 parameters - a term rates (the number of days, hours and minutes for which the prediction will be made; term rate determined by the time left post on the forum) and the accuracy of the prediction. The winner will be determined by the formula - the ratio of the difference between the prediction and the party's final number of active domains to date rates. This formula determines the error made by the prediction. The winner is the one whose error will be minimal. Thus, user can win with less precision, but the earlier term rates. Chance of winning is directly proportional to the accuracy and inversely proportional to date rates.

Example: Suppose that at 1 January 2010 will be 10 000 active domain names. Participant A bets 9 000 domains for 70 days before the endings promo. His accuracy rate is equal to: (10 000-9 000)/70=14,2
Participant B bets 9 200 domains for 50 days before the endings promo. His accuracy rate is equal to: (10 000-9 200)/50=16
Hence, participant A will win, but made a less accurate answer, but did it earlier than participant B.

In granting the same projections in the same time to the minute from the different users, will be counted as one that will be on the forum first.

In the case of providing accurate predictions (deviation=0), the deviation rate in such cases would amount to 1, otherwise all bets are meaningless. And this rule leads to the fact that in recent days may not be already advantageous position because of the earlier bets of more chances, because the denominator is large, which makes the accuracy factor is less, even with less accurate predictions.

Predictions can be left until December 31, 2009 23:59 pm. January 4, 2010 Administration of the domain zone «UZ» will analyze all the predictions and announced the winner.

By these terms could be added specifying additional conditions.

Prize: elite bottle of brandy, officially provided by Veni MarkovskiNapoleon Chatelle.

Dates: from 16.09.2009 to 03.01.2010