Promo «YOUR NAME in .UZ»

Center for development and implementation of computer and information technology UZINFOCOM as Administrator of the domain zone «UZ» within the framework of the «Year of social protection» since the publication of this communication announces promo to reduce the cost of registering second level domain names in the national domain «UZ».

The purpose of the promo - the creation of favorable conditions for the acquisition of domain names in the national domain «UZ» physical persons - residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For legal persons and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the program does not apply.

All these are conditions only apply to domain names registered under this promo. All other domain names registered on the common grounds.

The registrars set cost of registering a domain name yourself involved in the promo, but not more than 9.95 U.S. dollars at the rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment. Price registrars - 5 U.S. dollars. The cost of the renewal domain name is not regulated.

Each participant shares the opportunity to register only one domain name. Re-registration of the domain name to another user is only possible after 12 months. Length of the domain name can not be less than 5 characters (excluding «.UZ»).

Additionally, at the request of participants of the promo, the Resource Center for Community Education Network ZiyoNET for each registered domain under the promo for 12 months, the service provides free web hosting up to 50 MB of disk space, plus the automatic installation of the website editor Wordpress and one e-mail. This site is set banners of the shares until the domain registration renewal (expiration of the grace period registration.) At this address you can download the banner of the Center UZINFOCOM

The information about the detailed mechanism of registering domain names in the «UZ» can be found in the section «FAQ» on the website Administrator domain zone «UZ».

Other conditions of registration and use of domain names remain unchanged and governed by the provisions «On the procedure for use of domain names of the national segment of the Internet» and «On the order of administration of domain names in the zone ".UZ"». Documents are located at

Registrars participating in this promo to commit themselves to highlight the promo among the residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan by all means available to them and take all necessary measures to prevent the mass seizure of domain names in bad faith by users at a discounted price with a view to subsequent resale.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2007 inclusive. Discussion of shares available on the forum site of at: