Terms and definitions

IANA (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) - The organization responsible for supervising distribution of entire space of the Internet addresses, including IP-addresses, overall coordination and management of the network service domains and delegation of top-level domains.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) - Non-profit organization for assigned addresses on the Internet and number of protocols, carrying out functions of the administration of technical infrastructure network, as well as supporting the base of top-level domains.

APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) – non-profit non-governmental organization Association of National Top-Level Domains of the APR countries. The profile association of about 60 national registries of the Asia-Pacific Region, including the largest such as Australia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Japan.

IP-address - unique address for identifying nodes or computers in a data network based on TCP / IP protocol stack technology.

NS-servers (Name Server) - title of record in the DNS, indicating to DNS-server (server name) for this domain.

Redemption Period is a period of restoration of domain administrator rights to further administer this domain name. Domains are in the Redemption Period if they were not renewed in the indicated renewal period, after the date of domain was released. During this period, the domain owner can restore his ownership rights to the domain name through the Registrar for the additional fee. During the Redemption Period, the previous domain owner, at his discretion, can change the Registrar in the prescribed manner.

Administrator of the domain «UZ» - The organization responsible for the state to manage the main domain «UZ» Registy and determine main direction of the domain «UZ».

Administrator of domain name - legal person or physical person in whose name is registered domain name.

Activating domain name - Allocation and safekeeping information about domain name and corresponding domain name servers (DNS) in the root DNS servers in the domain «UZ», for support functioning of the domain name on the Internet.

Cancellation of registration (the release of the domain name) - Exclusion of the Administrator of the domain «UZ» information about domain name and its Administrator of the main Registry before the expiration of domain name registration.

State domain name - The domain name contains title or other symbol expressing the symbols or title of state administration and government, the administrative units of the Republic of Uzbekistan (area, town, village, etc.), including the shortening and/or abbreviations.

Deactivate domain name - Remove information about corresponding domain name servers (DNS) with root servers in DNS domain «UZ», for the next cessation of operation of the domain name on the Internet.

Domain - Part of the Internet, selected to name criterion and to let ownership to the organization responsible for its support

Domain grebbing - Intentional registration for one person to a large number of domain names, generic notion of expressing or consisting of generic terms, in an effort: - its resale of potentially interested persons for a price much higher than the actual costs spent on the registration and use of a domain name; - obtain advantages over potential competitors; - preventing to access of potential competitors to the market of goods and services; - obstruction of business of competing businesses..

Domain «UZ» - Top-level domain expressing the country code Republic of Uzbekistan, managing and coordinating by a specially authorized organization and this organization is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including domain names subsequent levels.

Second-level domain name - Domain name to the left of the top-level domain «UZ», divided from the point and refers to subsequent level of the domain «UZ».

Third-level domain name (subdomain) - Domain Name to the left of second-level domain, divided by a point and refers to subsequent level of second-level domain.

Reserved domain name - Domain name is reserved to Administrator of domain name «UZ» for use in public utility or public purposes, as well as to the stability works of the top-level domain.

Applicant - a person fill in and send the Registrar an application for registration of the domain name.

Cybersquatting - Registration or use of the domain name in violation of the rights of third persons in order to obtain benefits or other type of advantage.

Root server - Server DNS, which contain information about the top-level domains.

Invalid domain name - Domain name consists expression, as well as consisting of a combination of letters, numbers or words obscene, immoral, illegal, anti-government or antisocial character. The character of the inadmissibility of the domain name is determined by the Administrator of the domain «UZ» at the time of activation of the domain name.

Excepted domain name - Domain name is free for register in consequence of denial of the domain name or non-extension of a domain name Administrator domain name..

Main Registry - Central database of the domain «UZ» containing information about registered the second-level domain names, Registrars and Administrator of domain names and other information necessary for the registration and use of domain names.

Registrar - Registrar of domains «UZ» is legal person providing services under contract with the Administrator of the domain «UZ» registration to domain names and entry to the core provides the necessary information on the Register of the domain name.

Registration of domain name - Registration of domain name is enters infomation from Registrar about the domain name and its Administrator in the main Registry at the request of the applicant.

Server - The combination of hardware and software (server-application) that allows a computer to provide services to another computer. Computers works with the server-application through programms clients.

Domain Name System(DNS) - Hierarchical system of destination unique names of each the computers connected to networks such as the Internet. The name is consisted of domains, separated by points of the corresponding increasing levels of the hierarchy from left to right.

Typesquatting - Registration of domain name, similar to writing or sound to the extent of its blending with the domain name, trade name, trademark or other object intellectual property rights of third persons to receive benefits or other benefits, based on user errors during the writing of the registered domain name.

Service «whois» - Special service that allows through the browser of Internet or a special computer program to get basic information about the domain name.