April 29 — Birthday of the .UZ domain zone: a new stage in the development of the national domain zone

On April 29, 2024, a festive conference will take place in Uzbekistan to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the national .UZ domain. The event, organized by UZINFOCOM, will gather leading specialists in digital technologies to discuss the successes and achievements of the .UZ domain zone, as well as to present a series of innovative projects.

During the conference, the .UZ domain administration will announce the launch of new projects that will contribute to the further development and strengthening of the national domain zone. Key innovations include an updated domain name registration system for Registrars and DNSSEC Automation, an automated system for managing and signing domain names.

The results of the NFT-certificates project developed by the .UZ domain administration will also be presented, along with the latest news about the implementation of the RDAP protocol for exchanging information about domain names.

"These steps underscore our commitment to the principles of openness, innovation, and security in managing national internet resources. Uzbekistan is actively promoting cutting-edge technologies on the international stage, which allows us to strengthen our role in the global digital community," noted a representative of UZINFOCOM.

Since March 2003, the right to administer the national .UZ domain has belonged to the Single Integrator UZINFOCOM by agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Today, 28 organizations provide registration services in the .UZ zone.

The .UZ domain zone has become a symbol of the growth of the Uzbek part of the internet, providing resources that meet international standards and supporting active interaction with the global digital community. Today, Uznet represents a dynamically developing sphere of business, commerce, education, communication, and entertainment.

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The .UZ domain administration is taking the necessary measures to decentralize, increase transparency, and improve the quality of domain name registration and support services, conducting extensive work to stimulate the creation and development of information resources in the national segment of the Internet.

The registration, administration, and use of domain names in the .UZ domain are regulated by the Regulation on the Procedure for Registration and Use of Domain Names in the .UZ Domain (registered by the Ministry of Justice No. 1830 dated June 23, 2008). This document establishes the procedure for the registration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain, as well as regulates the relationships of persons whose activities directly affect domain names, and provides reliable protection against unlawful actions and effective regulation of the .UZ domain.

The main direction of the .UZ domain administration is the technical support of DNS servers of the .UZ domain, located in various points on the networks of providers, including abroad, for quality resolution of .UZ domain names, maintaining services for convenient control over the registration period, creating a competitive environment in the market, and enhancing the quality of provided registration services, as well as interaction with international organizations such as ICANN, IANA, APTLD, RIPE NCC, etc. on policy and domain name activities in the global community.

Happy Birthday, UZNET!