.UZ domain administration wishes everyone a Happy New Year and shares the results of the year29.12.2021

We present to your attention a quick overview for 2021. Looking back at the outgoing 2021, we can say that it was productive for our national domain .UZ. It is gratifying to note a good growth rate this year: approximately 13%, which is about 11,000 domain names. Note that the year 2021>>>

DNSSEC technology launch in Uzbekistan for end users29.11.2021

  UZINFOCOM, a single integrator for the creation and support of state information systems, also acting as the administrator of the national domain zone .UZ (point Uz), announced the widespread launch of the domain name security technology DNSSEC (Domain name system security extension) i>>>


On November 23, 2021, at the UZINFOCOM office, a meeting was held with a representative of the global organization for Internet Governance Standards - ICANN. The senior manager of the company Mikhail Anisimov arrived in Uzbekistan on an official visit. ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Na>>>

72nd ICANN Meeting29.10.2021

The 72nd ICANN meeting has come to an end The 72nd ICANN Meeting was held online on October 25-28. This is the sixth ICANN meeting to be held exclusively online, and this greatly influenced the format of the event, as well as the number of participants, which has grown significantly during this t>>>

International Conference on Domain Name Management under the auspices of the Single Integrator16.09.2021

The international conference on top-level domain name management TLDCON was opened with two days of technical trainings. The trainings are designed for the participation of technical specialists from domain name registrar companies, Internet providers and domain zone administrators. Two days inc>>>

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan!31.08.2021

On this long-awaited and bright holiday, the UZINFOCOM team congratulates you on the 30th anniversary of the Independence of our Motherland and wishes you and your family peace, warmth, prosperity, family well-being, great success and good luck in all your endeavors! >>>

UZINFOCOM - 19 years of striving for the perfection of information systems30.07.2021

  Single Integrator for the creation and support of state information systems UZINFOCOM appeared on July 30, 2002. Created as a center for information technology support in government agencies, UZINFOCOM by 2021 has become an expert organization in the field of data storage and proce>>>

Planned technical work!25.06.2021

Dear users! Due to the planned technical work on June 26 and 27, 2021 from 00:00 to 06:00, interruptions in the work of the website and individual pages are possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. >>>


For the information of users, we would like to inform you that for security reasons and to prevent cybersquatting, starting from June 22, 2021, the list of new domain names on the main page will be published in anonymized form, namely, the last letters in the domain name will be replaced with th>>>

The ICANN 71 Policy Forum started on June 1414.06.2021

The ICANN 71 Policy Forum started on June 14 The ICANN71 Policy Formation Conference is going to be from June 14-17, 2021. Initially planned for The Hague, Netherlands, this meeting will take place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UTC +2 Central European Summer Time (CEST) zone. >>>

April 29 - Birthday of the .UZ domain, implementation of DNSSEC technology and issue of an anniversary postage stamp28.04.2021

April 29 is the birthday of the .UZ domain. This means that the Uzbek segment of the Internet is already 26 years old.  The application for the domain zone was approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - an international organization created to regulate is>>>

The BBC will not renew half of its domains. The corporation has 20 thousand of them27.03.2021

The British corporation "BBC" announced plans to abandon half of its domains: 90% of them "lead to inactive sites." Diane Hamer, head of commercial and legal affairs at the BBC, told the WorldTrademarkReview Connect online conference that companies keep their registered do>>>

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