The first Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum is being held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November, 16-1716.11.2022

The first Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum is being held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November, 16-17 The first Central Asia Peering and Interconnection Forum has started its work in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Experts from all over the globe are taking part in this forum presenting their w>>>

ICTWEEK 2022 event in Samarkand24.10.2022

On October 24-27, the annual ICT WEEK 2022 event is being held in Samarkand, and which is attended by employees of the ICT sector of the Republic, as well as guests from CIS countries and Europe. Within the framework of the ICT week, a summit and forum were organized, as well as an exhibition, in wh>>>

A press conference "ICT Week Uzbekistan - 2022" dedicated to the week of information and communication technologies was held21.10.2022

AIMC held a press conference with the Minister for the Development of Information Technologies Sherzod Shermatov. The Week of information and communication technologies "ICTWeek Uzbekistan", which will be held on October 24-27, 2022 in Samarkand, is organized in order to further sti>>>

A large-scale IT forum Digital Bridge 2022 was held in Astana04.10.2022

The International Forum on Digital Technologies and Business can rightfully be called the largest event in the field of IT in Kazakhstan. At the international IT forum Digital Bridge 2022, the delegation of Uzbekistan took part in presentations and an exhibition with several IT solutions and startup>>>

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan!31.08.2022

On this long-awaited holiday, the team UZINFOCOM congratulates you on the 31st anniversary of the Independence of our Motherland and wishes you and your family peace, warmth, prosperity, family well-being, great success and good luck in all your endeavours! >>>

The release of new Linux distribution team UZINFOCOM09.08.2022

On August 8, the specialists of the Unified Integrator UZINFOCOM presented a beta version of the operating system based on the Linux kernel (Linux distribution). This release is publicly available in the UZINFOCOM Open Source repositories for the This product is distributed under the GPL-3>>>

Meeting with representatives of the PS Cloud Services05.08.2022

Today, the UZINFOCOM Single Integrator hosted a meeting of the Head of the .UZ Domain Administration and his team with representatives of the leading Domain Name Registrar in Kazakhstan and the largest hosting company PS Cloud Services. The purpose of the visit was a more detailed acquaintance wi>>>


Specialists from Single Integrator - Uzinfocom were studied, adapted, and implemented into the domain zone ".UZ" a modern protocol for data exchange RDAP. When studying the protocol specifications, it was decided to write the source code of the service on top of the modern programming l>>>

Approved amendments to the "Regulations on the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain", taking into account the registration of domain names by ID-card and PINFL number 1830-204.07.2022

The website published the version of the Regulations on the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the .UZ domain, which defines the legal aspects of registering the .UZ domain. Changes and additions have affected Annex No. 1 and Annex No. 2. You can read the text of the Reg>>>

Birthday of domain .UZ and Lauch of the new application CCTLD.uz29.04.2022

Today information technologies are actively entering our lives, becoming an important tool at/while work, study, leisure. A person's morning now begins not with reading a newspaper, but with checking e-mails or scrolling through social media. If we recall, recently we didn’t have a cons>>>

Specialists of the UZINFOCOM Single Integrator presented the DNSSEC.UZ project at the APTLD International Conference.02.03.2022

On February 23 and 24, the 81st conference of members of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Specialists of the Unified Integrator UZINFOCOM took an active part in the conference, and also presented the DNSSEC.UZ project, which was highly appreci>>>

The number of domains in the UZ zone has reached 10000001.02.2022

The number of domains in the UZ zone has reached 100,000. The domain became the 100,000th domain. Congratulations to the owner! The bar of 80000 domains was overcome in June 2020, 90000 in March 2021. Over the past three years, the domain zone has grown by about 50%. The>>>

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