Results of the Open Data Challenge hackathon30.01.2024

As we reported earlier, this weekend the Annual Open Data Challenge Hackathon took place at IT Park.   Young professionals, divided into 50 teams across 4 categories (government sector, social sector, business sector, anti-corruption), competed in developing technological solutions u>>>

Administration of the .UZ domain is taking part in the Open Data Challenge Hackathon27.01.2024

The annual Hackathon on the development of solutions using open data aims to create a space for innovation, collaboration and the introduction of effective solutions. During the competition, our team will be developing digital solutions using open data and blockchain technologies in the ">>>

The summary of 2023 for .UZ. A Year of Innovation and International Cooperation28.12.2023

2023 was a landmark year for the Administration of the national domain .UZ, marked by a number of significant achievements and the development of international relations. From launching new services to establishing important partnerships, the .UZ domain zone demonstrated its growing role in >>>

Happy Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Happy Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan! >>>

The .UZ domain administration presented innovative projects at ICT WEEK 202330.10.2023

Last week, ICT WEEK 2023, which took place in the city of Tashkent at the CAEx building, the .UZ domain administration introduced a number of innovative projects, demonstrating progress in the field of digital technologies in Uzbekistan. As part of the expo, the MVP model of the new version o>>>

The domain administration of .UZ held productive negotiations with the Billur COM company20.10.2023

The domain administration of .UZ held productive discussions with the company LLC GSEY GROUP (trade mark Billur COM) regarding the future of the .UZ domain. The primary focus of the meeting was on exploring new technologies, specifically on integrating with NFT (non-fungible token) technology in >>>

UZINFOCOM at the Digital Bridge Forum!17.09.2023

On October 12-13, a large-scale event, the Digital Bridge Forum, took place in the capital of Kazakhstan.   The topic of the forum in 2023: ARTIFICIAL AND HUMAN INTELLIGENCE: THE RIGHT BALANCE.   The UZINFOCOM team attended the forum and met with the "NIT" >>>

APTLD84 Conference: Summarizing Results and Looking at the Future of Internet Space21.09.2023

The landmark APTLD84 conference came to a close today, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD). The magnificent event, hosted by the KISA internet security agency, gathered leading domain industry experts from around the world in Seoul, South >>>

The .UZ domain administration and Godaddy discussed cooperation prospects at the APTLD84 event in South Korea20.09.2023

During the international APTLD84 event held in South Korea, the .UZ domain administration and one of the largest domain names registrar, GoDaddy, discussed potential cooperation. The current partnership between the two parties is seen as an opportunity for the Uzbek national domain .UZ to exp>>>

UZINFOCOM was the first to launch a K-root DNS server in Uzbekistan19.09.2023

This means it has irreversibly embarked on the path of improving the national internet. In March, we reported ( on negotiations with representatives of RIPE NCC about installing a root server in the country. But this difficult process required t>>>

25th anniversary of the APTLD conference: discussion of the latest concerns in the domain industry19.09.2023

Seoul, South Korea - The Asia-Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) is gearing up to mark its 25th anniversary at the grand APTLD84 conference. The event, organized by the Korean Internet & Security Agency (KISA), aims to unify leading domain industry specialists to discuss key to>>>

DNSSEC Technology Presentation at the ICANN DNS Symposium in Vietnam07.09.2023

Today, on September the 7th, representatives from the national domain zone of .UZ delivered a speech at the DNS Symposium organized by the International Corporation ICANN in Vietnam. The symposium has become a relevant event for discussing and implementing the innovative DNSSEC (Domain Name >>>

Flexible domain renewal period: safety and convenience for owners01.08.2023

The administration of the .UZ domain announces a change in the terms of domain name renewal from August 1, 2023. Now users and Registrars are given the opportunity to renew their domains at any time before they expire, not just a year before, as was the case before. The maximum domain re>>>

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