Administration of the domain zone «UZ»


The 68th ICANN Policy Forum conference begins on June 22, 202022.06.2020

On June 22, the 68th ICANN Policy Forum conference begins, which will be held this year fully online. For the first time in the history of ICANN meetings, all sessions of the main program will be translated into all six working languages   of the corporation: English, French, Russian, >>>


Dot UZ. Uznet. Uzbek Internet segment. They call it differently and treat it differently. They recognize it, no doubt. Now it has a significant value. And, by the way, the official name is “.UZ - National Top-Level Domain of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. In 1995, the Republic re>>>

Domain News: Coronavirus30.03.2020

According to the main registry, over the past three months 15 domains have been registered, with various references to coronavirus containing the words corona, covid, virus. We remind you that the official source of information on coronavirus in Uzbekistan is the site http://coronavirus.>>>

Figure of the day: 75,000 domains in the .UZ zone10.02.2020

Today, February 10, 2020, 75,000 domains are registered in the national domain zone. Further statistics here. For info: Since March 27, 2003, UZINFOCOM Unified Integrator LLC has been an administrator of the top-level domain of the Republic of Uzbekistan .UZ (ccTLD) under an agreem>>>

Domain name .tv: new horizons 07.02.2020

The small Pacific state of Tuvalu in Oceania, whose population is about 11 thousand people, causes considerable interest in television companies. This is due to the right to own intellectual property. Rambler tells how the islands of Tuvalu are connected to television. The fact is that the national>>>

The year 2019 for the .UZ domain has been fruitful and colorful25.12.2019

The holding of an international technical conference of top-level domains is an important milestone, which speaks of the assessment by international structures of the level of the technical potential for the development of information and communication technologies in the country. Organizatio>>>

Nominet Releases Updated ccTLD map for 201918.12.2019

Eleanor Bradley of MD Registry Solutions and Public Benefit has published an interesting map on which countries are resized according to the number of ccTLD domains registered. For yet another year, the tiny island of Tokelau dominates, with over 25 million domains registered. Its popularity is due >>>

CANN66 | Annual General Meeting07.11.2019

In Montreal, Canada, the 66th ICANN Conference is being held, which brought together 2,500 people from 130 countries. The conference was opened by ICANN Chairwoman Sherin Shalaby. At the conference, it was noted that something in ICANN has accomplished many tasks, in particular: - the security>>>

UZINFOCOM (the .UZ Registry) Has Introduced the Redemption Period Service in .UZ04.09.2019

Tashkent, September 4, 2019 UZINFOCOM Single integrator for creation and support of state information system (the .UZ Domain Registry of the Republic of Uzbekistan) has developed and deployed the Redemption Period service.    The service implies a recovery period for the domain admin>>>

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan!30.08.2019

On this long-awaited and bright holiday, the UZINFOCOM team congratulates you on the 28th anniversary of the Independence of our Motherland and wishes you and your family peace, warmth, prosperity, family well-being, great success and good luck in all your endeavors! >>>

Nonprofit organization defeats Google and Amazon in fight for .KIDS08.08.2019

Last week, Amazon withdrew its application for managing the new common .KIDS top-level domain. Thus, the only application left for the domain was the non-profit organization DotKids Foundation. This means that the domain will be delegated to her. The situation looks pretty surprising when you consid>>>

Delegated Brand Domains Left Out of Use18.06.2019

There remains a tendency for companies to abandon the use of brand domains they obtained during the first phase of the ICANN new domains program. It became known that two more companies appealed to ICANN with a request to terminate the contracts and statements to refuse the use of delegated domains.>>>

Узбекистан принимает экспертов международной доменной отрасли24.04.2019

С 24 по 28 апреля 2019 г. в Ташкенте проходит международная техническая конференция, приуроченная к 24-ой годовщине доменной зоны .UZ В период 24-28 апреля 2019 года  в Ташкенте пройдёт международная техническая конференция, организаторами которой выступают Единый Интегратор UZ>>>

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