Special domains

Domain names reserved for the ICANN
aso.uz dnso.uz icann.uz internic.uz
pso.uz afrinic.uz apnic.uz arin.uz
example.uz gtld-servers.uz iab.uz iana.uz
iana-servers.uz iesg.uz ietf.uz irtf.uz
istf.uz lacnic.uz lanic.uz rfc-editor.uz
ripe.uz root-servers.uz
Total 23 domains

GENERIC domains Registrar AdministratorDescription
ac.uz UZINFOCOM Center UZINFOCOM CenterFor research institutions, universities and cultural institutions leading to research
com.uzООО «Tomas» Saltex GmbHFor commercial organizations
co.uzООО «Tomas» Saltex GmbHFor commercial organizations
edu.uzООО Arsenal D Ministry of higher education of Uzbekistan For schools that have a license for educational activity
int.uzUZINFOCOM Center UZINFOCOM CenterFor international organizations
net.uzООО «Tomas» Saltex GmbHFor organizations engaged in projects related to the development of the Internet
org.uzООО «Tomas» Saltex GmbHFor non-profit organizations
pp.uzUZINFOCOM Center UZINFOCOM CenterFor individuals
for.uzUZINFOCOM Center UZINFOCOM CenterFor users ID.UZ with the status PassportID
Total 9 domains

Special domain names - domain names, on the recommendation of ICANN, reserved for the different persons in the domains of differently levels

GENERIC domains - provides for the registration of domain names of the third level with the light industrial, institutional, and other such specifics

State Domain Name - domain names containing the names or otherwise expressing the symbols or names of public administration and government, the administrative units of the Republic of Uzbekistan (region, khokimiyat, city, village, etc.) including their abbreviations and/or abbreviations